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Meet Our HORSEs

At Hope, Horses & Kids we go to great lengths to ensure our Equine Assistants - Hazel, Duncan, Rocky, Haro and Ping Pong- are enjoying their jobs. Each of our horses are retired from jobs they can no longer perform or  have been rescued from a neglectful situation. The emotional and physical health of our herd is important to us and we monitor them on a daily basis. Our Equine Assistants each have unique jobs at Hope, Horses & Kids. We could not do the work and create the magic without them.



As a 15 year old Duncan is the youngest member of our 4-legged staff. Like many adolescent boys, Duncan has a ton of personality and can be quite a clown. Duncan loves being he center of attention. Believe it or not Duncan is a dun Quarter Horse. Duncan is used primarily for vaulting and for younger children and our beginners.

Big Ben

Big Ben is a 13 year old, 17.2 hand,  Dutch Warmblood. He was donated to us two years ago after having a show jumping career. Big Ben gives the best horse hugs. He loves to be groomed and told he's handsome. His favorite pastime is eating hay out of his busy snacker.


Rocky is our champion hunter/jumper, who in retirement, is happy to stand quietly and be surrounded by his admiring clients. Rocky is quiet, sensitive and extremely gentle. He welcomes those clients with special equipment, including walkers and chairs to come in close for a visit. He loves to be groomed. Rocky is in charge of beginner lessons on and off the lunge line. Rocky is a 27 year old Canadian Thoroughbred.



Tommy is a 20 year old, 17 hand, Dutch Warmblood. We are currently training Tom Tom to be a vaulting horse. He loves being surrounded by kids and working on the lunge line. Tommy is a flea-bitten grey so naturally he loves rolling in mud.   


Nacoma is our newest equine assistant. She is donor sponsored by the Schmida family. Nacoma is a 25 year old quarter horse that loves to be groomed and get her amazing mane and tail braided. Nacoma is awesome with kids and has had 6 of her own, even a set of twins! 


Jewels is a 18 year old rescue mare. She was saved from a kill pen in Louisiana, then rehabbed and donated to us. Jewels thinks she is the Queen of the heard, but is a perfect trail horse. She loves having kids on her and going for barn walks.